When Should You Get a Dock Replacement?

When Should You Get a Dock Replacement?

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A dock can be one of the greatest assets that your property has. It serves as a “parking station” for your boat, and you can do many leisurely activities on it. It can even accommodate more than one boat if you decide to have guests over. But over time, it can start declining in quality. And when it’s starting to degrade substantially, you might need to consider a total dock replacement.

But what if it just needs maintenance instead? How can you be so sure that your dock needs to be replaced when it might only need to get fixed? If you’re unsure of the signs then continue reading below to know when you should replace your current dock with a brand new one.

Signs That Indicate Dock Replacement is Needed

There are quite a few factors to consider when deciding on if you need to have dock replacement or not. But not to worry, we’ve compiled a small guideline for you to follow when you’re thinking of getting an entirely new dock.

The Dock’s Age

Depending on its design, condition, and the material it’s designed with, your dock’s average lifespan will usually indicate if it’s ready to be replaced. If you own a wooden dock, for instance, its lifespan usually lasts up to 15 years.

Age isn’t the ultimate factor when considering dock replacement, but it’s a good place to start. Determine your dock’s age and then consider it along with the following factors:

Maintenance History

If you provide your dock with the regular maintenance it needs, then it might just need a dock repair. In that case, make sure to call a professional service such as PileDrivers Inc. But if you’ve let years go on without caring for it, go on it now and take a close look at its condition. You may find multiple problems with your dock where repair won’t simply fix the problem.


Look for cracks on your dock, especially if it’s made of wood. If there are small cracks, you might only need to replace a few broken pieces. If there are many large ones, however, dock replacement might be needed.


For wooden docks, rotting can potentially occur. In fact, it’ll happen eventually. But if it’s minor rotting, it won’t affect the function and safety of your dock. However, if a good amount of rotting has taken place despite the number of beams you’ve replaced, dock replacement might be necessary.


Even though the metal components of your dock are likely galvanized (rust and corrosion resistant) it doesn’t mean they’re impenetrable. In due time, screws can be stripped and will need to be replaced. However, if many of them require replacement, that’s also another sign that you might need an entirely new dock.

Structural Support

Proper marine engineering is paramount to the structural integrity of your dock. A sturdy foundation is absolutely critical to the safety and function of your dock. If you suspect your dock’s structure is slowly crumbling, you should look into a replacement right away.

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