When to Replace Your Dock Cleats

When to Replace Your Dock Cleats

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It’s one of the most important features on your dock, especially if you own a boat. Dock cleats are essential in that they tether your vessel close to land so that it doesn’t sail away. More so, they’re also a convenience for other visiting boaters who are coming over to your property. For this reason, it’s imperative that you recognize when you should replace your dock cleats. And if you’re unsure of the signs indicating dock cleat replacement is needed, then continue reading below. PileDrivers Inc. is well-educated on dock components and knows for sure when certain replacements are required.

When to Replace Your Dock Cleats

When you’re out on your dock next time, take a close look at your cleats and look to see if these signs of damage or degradation are present on them:


Dock cleats are designed to resist rusting, considering that they are closely situated to the water. But in due time, they will begin to rust. And if they are left untreated for too long, they will surely break down at a certain point. When you notice rust on your dock cleats, consider if the rusting is severe. If it’s not that bad, you can probably easily treat it. But if severe, it may be time to get your dock cleats replaced.

Broken Components

Of course, if you notice that a screw that bolts a cleat down is broken, you can just replace the screw. However, if the cleat is broken itself, then you may have to replace it soon. Because they’re designed to keep vessels tethered closely to land, a broken cleat can result in you losing your boat, and you certainly wouldn’t want that.

Signs of broken cleats can include cracks, missing pieces, or shattered components.

Degrading Area

This doesn’t necessarily pertain to your dock cleats by themselves. But because they’re part of your dock, it’s important that you assess the area where your cleats are situated as a whole. If the boards of your dock are degrading around your cleats, it’s highly recommended that you replace the boards and cleats as soon as possible. You don’t want to have a degrading dock on your property as not only will you have poor cleats but your degrading dock will also pose as a safety hazard.

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As dock maintenance and repair service providers for many years in South Florida, the staff of PileDrivers Inc. knows very well what’s needed to ensure a dock lasts for a long time. For this reason, they only ever provide patrons with strong and durable dock cleats to ensure that their boats are safely kept close to land. If you ever need quality dock cleats to have installed on your dock, feel free to call the professionals over at PileDrivers Inc. For any inquiries, you may contact PileDrivers Inc. at 1(800)239-2560 or visit their contact page.

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