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What Goes Into Making Or Repairing A Boat Dock?

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Boat Docks Are More Complex Than They Might Seem

At first glance, a boat dock might look like a somewhat unsophisticated design. Simply a few bits of wood attached to a couple of logs stuck into the water, attach a ladder, stick on some pieces of metal to tie your boat off on, and you’re set. Easy, right?

Boat docks are a far more complicated construction than they initially appear. Before there’s any mention of the architecture, the permitting process alone is incredibly complicated. If you are looking to build a dock or are in need of dock repairs, you will most definitely want a company who knows if what type of permit or other written authorization is needed from the State of Florida, the county government, the United States Army Corps of Engineers…

If you’re repairing or even replacing your current dock, authorization still needs to be submitted. Do you know if you live on an artificial waterway? How would you find out? Is it the waterway private or local government? Is it under one thousand square feet? Would the boat dock repair or replacement fall under 403.813(1)(d). F.S. and or 62-330.051(5)(6), F.A.C.? Will the ACOE approve the SPGP? What does that even mean?

This is where hiring experts such as Pile Drivers to build and repair your boat deck can give you peace of mind. Let the experienced professionals on staff manage the details. The team at Pile Drivers offers commercial and residential services, and they also offer a full line of boat dock products from mooring whips to line supports to easy-to-install dock cleats to dock-protecting fenders.

Is your boat dock in need of some tender loving care and repair? Contact the specialists at Pile Drivers to find out how we can help you recover your beautiful dock and maintain safety and compliance. Call us toll-free at 1-800-239-2560 or use our online form.

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