What Are Pile Wraps? Black pile wrap

What Are Pile Wraps?

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Your dock is a very important feature of your home. It provides you with the opportunity to enjoy water-based activities and gives you a station to dock your boat. And for this reason, it’s important that you give it the protection it needs. Without such protection, your dock can easily degrade due to the outside elements, especially due to the constant contact it has with water. So when you want to ensure that the components of your dock are protected for a long time, especially when it comes to your piles, don’t hesitate at all in getting pile wraps for your dock. If you’re not sure what pile wraps are and why they’re needed, then continue reading below.

What Are Pile Wraps?

The name itself is somewhat self-explanatory. Pile Wraps are a dock accessory that wraps around the piles of your dock. You’ll often see these dock accessories added to most Floridian docks as their protection is recognized as being an integral part of a dock’s lifespan. When you walk onto a dock that isn’t your own, look closely at the dock’s piles, specifically at the bottom. If you see a black wrap layer surrounding the pile, those are pile wraps.

Why are Pile Wraps Needed?

Wraps are often needed because they’re utilized as an extra layer of protection. With their use, piles won’t easily succumb to the degradation that can happen when in constant contact with the outside elements. This is due to the fact that pile wraps are tightly wrapped around the piles, creating a tight seal that disallows sections of the pile from being exposed to damage.

Damage that occurs isn’t just caused by the water, the sun also plays a part in afflicting damage onto piles. So with these dock accessories applied, you can trust that your piles will be well-protected from the sun’s rays also.

How Much Pile Wraps Do I Need?

The trickiest part of wrapping piles is knowing exactly how much you need. If you find that you’re in need of these dock accessories, calculating the right amount isn’t all too difficult. In order to determine how much wrap you will need, measure the circumference of each pile, and add 4-6″ for overlap. By performing this simple calculation, you can easily find out how much wrap you need.

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