Seawall Repair & Construction Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Seawalls

Erosion poses a serious threat to any waterfront property owner. Storms and wave action can accelerate erosion and make it necessary for Seawall Repair Fort Lauderdale. This may occur more frequently than a property owner may have anticipated. While most waterfronts come equipped with seawalls, responsibility for the maintenance and Seawall Repair—as well as replacement—of seawalls falls squarely on the shoulders of the property owner. Seawalls are often built from wood or concrete as one continuous slab but can also be made of stone, broken pieces of concrete, or, in some situations, plastic membranes. Seawall Repair Fort Lauderdale is very important for owners. As of 2016, neglecting to maintain your Seawall in Fort Lauderdale is a code violation. Learn more about the Fort Lauderdale seawall codes here.

Seawall Construction In Fort Lauderdale

We have the experience and knowledge of seawall design and Seawall Construction to assist you with all phases of your bulkhead or seawall project, in terms of erosion control. Piledrivers, Inc. has the expertise and infrastructure to service Seawall Construction waterfront projects large and small. From residential waterfront properties to marinas and commercial facilities, Piledrivers, Inc. is prepared to meet all of your shoreline protection needs for Seawall Construction.

  • Vinyl Seawall
  • Concrete Seawall
  • Steel Seawall
  • Wood Seawall
  • Riprap Seawall

A very effective and efficient form of erosion control is rip rap. This is a series of strategically placed boulders to form a natural barrier.  Also known as rubble, shot rock, or “Rip-rap,” this time-tested practice is used to protect shorelines, streambeds, bridge abutments, pilings, and other shoreline structures against erosion. Commonly made with granite or limestone, and occasionally concrete rubble from building and paving demolition, rip rap is a good re-use of sustainable materials.

  • Stone Rip Rap
  • Rock Rip Rap
  • Granite Rip Rap
  • Limestone Rip Rap
  • Concrete Rip Rap

Why is Fort Lauderdale Seawall Repair Important?

If you’re a home or business owner and have a seawall on your property, you must always ensure that they’re in top shape. Once a seawall begins tilting or faltering, it can lead to serious damage to the property. Moreover, depending on where you live, seawall repair is mandated by the city or county. This means that you must be able to keep your seawall in excellent condition in order to avoid any potential fines. And at PileDrivers Inc, we’ll always make sure that your seawall isn’t just in excellent condition, but that it’s perfect. We’re the number one choice for seawall repair in Fort Lauderdale and the rest of Broward County.

Why Do Seawalls Fail?

There is a multitude of reasons that could possibly lead to seawall failure. More often than not, seawalls can avoid impactful damage and failure through regular maintenance. So if they’re receiving the maintenance they need, they falter substantially. And in some other cases, seawall failure is the result of harsh or severe weather conditions, like hurricanes or tropical storms. More so, modifications to properties, like the installment of a new swimming pool or hot tub can add weight onto a seawall. With this new weight, lateral earth pressure may overload the seawall and cause it to slowly crumble. In the case of property modification, the added weight can damage or completely destroy the seawall if it wasn’t designed with this in mind.

What Happens When A Seawall Fails?

When a seawall’s structure is failing, it will result in a significant erosion on your property. And when erosion appears, it can lead to water damage to your home or business. When this occurs, especially with salt water, the damages can be catastrophic. This is why we always urge property owners with seawalls to keep them in top-performing condition. At PileDrivers Inc, we understand the severity of seawall failure. This is why we always work our hardest to ensure that damages are avoided entirely through seawall repair and routine maintenance.

Fort Lauderdale Seawall Repair & Construction

If your seawall is suffering from wear-and-tear, impact damage, or anything else that has caused its structure to falter or collapse, then call PileDrivers for our seawall repair service. For many years, PileDrivers has served countless South Florida citizens in the Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade County areas. We’ve been regarded as one of the most trusted marine dock and seawall contractors to work in the Sunshine State, and we’re confident that when you hire us, you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may reach us through our phone number: 1-800-239-2560. Or you may visit our contact page.