Dock Products

Dock Products & Accessories

No project would be complete without good quality dock accessories. We supply a wide range of fine dock products including rubrail, dock fenders, dock cleats, dock ladders, piling caps, line supports, and mooring whips.

Dock Cleats

Made from high quality cast aluminum- Alloy 356- the corrosion resistant cleats can be mounted vertically or horizontal with 1/2″ bolts. The large “footprint” provides maximum holding strength. Powder coating is available.

Line Supports

Line supports are attached to your boat dock and are designed to keep your dock lines protected from wear and tear due to the repetitive stress put on them. In addition, they keep your lines conveniently in place and prevent them from falling into the water.

Dock Fenders

Protect both your dock and vessel from impact damage with our line of high quality dock fenders. Contact PileDrivers today for a quote and avoid future repair costs due to unnecessary damage.

Mooring Whips

These flexible poles that are used to hold a boat off of a dock to prevent damage to the hull and the dock itself. Pile Drivers mechanically attaches one end to your dock and the other to one of your boat’s cleats. Mooring whips keep your boat safe from dock collisions and tidal waves.

Piling Caps

Protect your pilings from rot, improve their impact resistance, and avoid expensive repairs in the future. We offer high quality piling caps that are smooth and cone-shaped, preventing birds from perching on your piles. Contact us today to get piling caps for your dock. You won’t regret it.

Pile Wrap

Extend the life of your pilings with our custom fitted pile wraps. These help your pilings last longer by protecting them from the sun, rot, and marine life. While the best time to install wraps is when they are new, we can also install them on your existing pilings.

Aluminum Dock Ladders

Improve the safety and utility of your dock by adding an aluminum dock ladder made from high quality, corrosion resistant aluminum. Pile Drivers dock ladders allow you to easily get back on your dock after a swim or accidental fall into the water.