Seawall Maintenance Tips. Concrete seawall

Seawall Maintenance Tips

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Living in a home that resides in the coastal area certainly provides its perks. You can enjoy the sun, the smell of the ocean, and you can even easily engage in water-based activities. But even though living right next to the water can prove to be beneficial, it also has its disadvantages, too. And one disadvantage, in particular, almost always requires your undivided attention: the maintenance of your seawall.

Seawalls are very common in waterfront properties as they are designed to protect the shoreline from erosion and flooding that can possibly damage such properties. If your property was constructed with a seawall, you need to make sure that you’re always providing the proper maintenance for this part of your dwelling. And this is because seawalls are a very valuable and important feature of waterfront properties.

If you’re curious to know how you should perform seawall maintenance, continue reading below.

Seawall Maintenance Tips

Plant Growth

Because seawalls are built in close proximity to an immense water supply source, plants and vegetation will likely grow on it. And even though some plants don’t pose a threat, many of the other vegetation varieties growing on seawalls could damage the soundness of its structure over time. And this is because of the root system of plants. Roots can grow and spread out as they search for moisture, creating cracks in your seawall.

When these cracks occur, they make your seawall less resistant to the pressure that’s placed on it by the water. More so, the cracks also allow water to seep into your seawall, further damaging its structure as the materials in it begin to break down.

So when you notice plants growing on your seawall, ensure that you remove them regularly to impede plant growth. This will help keep your seawall intact.

Unclog Weep Holes

Seawalls are subjected to tremendous amounts of water pressure on a daily basis. And it’s not just exposed to water pressure coming from the water itself. It also comes from the ground saturation of the soil behind the seawall itself. So, in order to prevent this water pressure from damaging your seawall’s structure, the pressure must be relieved on a regular basis. And that’s where weep holes come into play.

Weep holes function like pressure relief valves to help divert dangerous water pressure. In order for them to function properly, water has to move freely through these weep holes to regulate the water pressure your seawall bears each day. Proper marine construction of weep holes can prolong the lifespan of your seawall.

So when you inspect your seawall next time, look through these weep holes and unclog them when they need it. Leaves, dirt, and other types of debris can often find their way into your seawall’s weep holes. So when you find such deposits in your weep holes, don’t wait for another day to unclog them. Do it immediately.

Total Visual Inspections

As you’re inspecting your seawalls, take your time, thoroughly. Carefully look at the surface of your seawalls on a regular basis. By inspecting them thoroughly, you can effectively ensure that this important feature of your property works properly.

By thoroughly inspecting your seawall, you can point out important factors that serve as valuable information for the maintenance of it. If your seawall is made of concrete, check for cracks that could indicate the seawall is deteriorating. If it’s made of wood, look for termite damage or splitting.

It’s important that you know what your seawall is susceptible to when performing inspective maintenance. By knowing its weaknesses, your seawall maintenance will prove to be very beneficial.

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