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Erosion can pose a serious threat to just about any waterfront property. With storms and wave action, erosion can accelerate and make it necessary for seawall repair in Pompano Beach. This, of course, might occur much more frequently than what a property owner has anticipated. While most waterfronts often come equipped with seawalls,  you will be responsible – from time to time -for the replacement or repair of your seawall. Seawalls are usually built from wood or concrete as one continuous slab. But it can also be made of stone, broken pieces of concrete, or plastic membranes. Seawall Repair Pompano Beach is very important for owners. Trust PileDrivers to be your number one choice for seawall construction and repair services.

Seawall Construction Pompano Beach

PileDrivers Inc. has the experience and knowledge of seawall design and seawall construction in order to assist you with all phases of your bulkhead or seawall project. We also possess the infrastructure to service seawall construction waterfront projects that are both large and small. From residential waterfront properties to marinas and commercial facilities, Piledrivers, Inc. is prepared to meet all of your shoreline protection needs for Seawall Construction.

Vinyl Seawall

Vinyl has become the material of choice since the mid-80s in Pompano Beach. Attractive and easy to maintain, the material can last up to 50 years. Vinyl seawall doesn’t rust, rot, or crack when exposed to saltwater. The material is also lightweight, making it easier to transport and install, it limits the amount of heavy machinery needed on site. Other seawalls using steel sheets, wood, or concrete can be converted to vinyl. This results in a permanent, high-quality wall for a significantly lower cost than these alternatives.

Concrete Seawall

All concrete seawalls are individually engineered and installed to fit the conditions of each property. A brand new concrete seawall has a 40-50 year life expectancy in Pompano Beach. And in order to create its sound structure, it needs to be reinforced with steel. The key to getting a long life from a concrete seawall is to protect the reinforcing steel from the corrosive marine environment.

Steel Seawall

Steel seawalls are well renowned by Pompano Beach Residents as they are strong and require very little maintenance. In fact, steel is very resilient and durable against the elements, which make them an industry-favorite. This makes the initial cost well-worth the investment. A steel seawall can be installed very easily into just about any subtrate. Plus, they have no height limitation for its design, unlike other types of materials. More so, they also offer the same benefits that all seawalls do, inlcuding:

  • protecting the land against erosion
  • preventing excessive flooding

In an environment with weather like Pompano Beach, we recommend servicing your steel seawall at least twice in a decade. If properly maintained, healthy steel seawalls should last a good 25 years.

Wood Seawall

Probably the most common seawall type you’ll see in Pompano beach are wooden seawalls. And you’ll see them the most on Florida golf courses and landscaping. Depending on the application and location, wooden material could actually last for a long time. And besides their longevity, they are also aesthetically pleasing and can be installed in most freshwater locations in Pompano Beach. While we would recommend a concrete or vinyl wall for durability and strength in seawater, with proper maintenance, a wood retaining seawall can last for a very long time.

You may need to replace pilings or other parts of the structure as they show signs of wear, and adding backfill to replace normal erosion is probable. At last, the longevity of the seawall will depend on the materials used in construction, the quality of work performed, and such factors as weather and tidal impacts in Pompano Beach.

Rip Rap Seawall

Riprap seawalls consist of rocks, stone, or other materials arranged along the wall giving it a more natural look than, say, a vinyl or wood wall. The rocks and stone act as a barrier helping prevent erosion from water. It brings “The true Florida look” to Pompano Beach. Riprap absorbs waves coming in towards your property, giving it the ability to dissipate most of the wave energy, rather than reflect it. This helps keep the dirt at the bottom of the seawall from eroding away. The nature of a standard seawall makes it hard for marine plants and animals to thrive in those locations. On the other hand, rip rap is the most ecologically friendly, so wildlife can develop as the shoreline can now be used by the crabs, oysters, fish, and marine vegetation of Pompano Beach. Riprap can also be repaired easily by replacing the stone.

Riprap is an effective and efficient form of erosion control. This is a series of strategically placed boulders to form a natural barrier.  Also known as rubble, or shot rock, this time-tested practice is used to protect shorelines, stream beds, bridge abutments, pilings, and other shoreline structures against erosion. Commonly made with granite or limestone, and occasionally concrete rubble from building and paving demolition, rip rap is an excellent re-use of sustainable materials.

  • Stone Rip Rap
  • Rock Rip Rap
  • Granite Rip Rap
  • Limestone Rip Rap
  • Concrete Rip Rap

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For a relatively low cost, properly constructed seawalls can provide protection to your waterfront property. We understand that pricing plays a pivotal role in constructing and repairing seawalls. Which is why we’re devoted to giving your property the protection it needs from water intrusion at affordable rates. Let the experts at Pile Drivers Inc go over all the details of exactly how we will construct or repair your seawalls in Pompano Beach. For any inquiries, you may call us at 1-800-239-2560 or visit our contact page.