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Finding top-notch marine contractors to service your Pompano Beach sea wall, dock, or boat lift can be tough. Finding a company that performs all of these services, as well as pile driving, can be even tougher. Look no further than PileDrivers for all of your marine contracting needs in Pompano Beach. Owning a property by the water shouldn’t be a hassle That’s why PileDrivers is here to take that hassle away from home and business owners in Pompano Beach. Our marine contracting professionals provide quality service at an affordable rate.  Our Pompano Beach marine contractors provide quality service at an affordable rate.  

Pompano Beach Seawall Repair and Construction

Coastal erosion is one of the biggest headaches when it comes to living on the water in Pompano Beach. Keeping your home or business safe from erosion and water damage caused by a seawall failure is the number one goal of seawall repair in Pompano Beach.  When water seeps into the foundation of a home because of seawall failure, your home will likely experience water damage. Along with water damage comes mold growth. When water damage and mold growth are both present in a home, the damage can be incredibly expensive to repair. Seawall repair in Pompano Beach is critical to maintaining the structural integrity of your waterfront home. Additionally, PileDrivers also performs new Seawall construction in Pompano Beach for new properties in need of a seawall to protect the property from damages caused by seawater. Trust PileDrivers, Inc to be your Pompano Beach seawall repair experts. 

Pompano Beach Dock Construction and Repair 

For boat owners in Pompano Beach, it’s almost necessary to have a waterfront home with an accompanying dock. Having a personal dock avoids the high costs of renting dock space from the city or another business or homeowner. PileDrivers performs new dock construction as well as repair in Pompano Beach, making your perfect waterfront home that much more perfect.  Building a dream home In Pompano Beach isn’t easy, but PileDrivers would love to help you make that dream a reality through our Pompano Beach dock construction services. For those homeowners that need a company to service their pre-existing dock, look no further than PileDrivers Pompano Beach Dock repair services. Regardless of how old and decrepit your Pompano Beach dock appears, PileDrivers can make it look brand new.  Don’t deal with a dingy dock any longer with Pompano Beach dock repair services from PileDrivers. 

Pompano Beach Boat Lift Installation and Services 

PileDrivers offers the best in boat lifts and dock accessories for your Pompano Beach home.  Our top-quality lifts are installed, maintained, and repaired by our trained boat lift professionals. We’ll provide your lift with full maintenance services, including inspection, greasing, tightening drive belts and pulleys, and re-wrapping cables. Additionally, we buy and sell used boat lifts in Pompano Beach. This is perfect for those looking to make a little money on an old lift or save a little money during installation. Even if your boat lift wasn’t installed by us, we’ll still service it! PileDrivers is the number one choice for Pompano Beach boat lift installation and services. 

Deck Repair Pompano Beach

There are pros and cons to owning a deck in Pompano Beach. Generally, while it’s a nice property asset to own, it’s also one that’s susceptible to many issues. And regardless if your deck has been afflicted with severe damage or it’s only sustained a few small cracks, our professional assistance is always readily available to help you. Our marine construction Pompano Beach service will help to restore your deck to its pristine condition.

Numerous issues can take place eventually on a deck, including:

  • Handrails becoming loose
  • Support posts getting old
  • Boards getting weathered
  • And much more

South Florida rains can ruin the condition of your deck due to severe wear-and-tear damage. And this is often because too much rainwater has pounded on your deck, making it look utterly weathered. And once these issues take place, it will become an even bigger issue later down the line. Sections of your deck that has become broken won’t only look unsightly, they’ll also look dangerous and maybe even life-threatening.

Weathered decks require immediate attention. So when you notice that yours is weathered, call the professionals at PileDrivers Inc. right away for our Pompano Beach deck repair. You can best believe that our marine contractor Pompano Beach services will restore your deck to its original foundation and looks.

PileDrivers Inc. Marine Construction Pompano Beach Dock Repair Products

A replacement will be required for just about any object that has succumbed to too much degradation. And when it comes to docks, this principle most definitely applies.

The components that make up your dock can sustain some rusting and corrosion with enough degradation. But when you notice these issues early on, call us right away to ask about our stock of dock parts. With our high-end dock parts, we’re able to repair your dock as quickly as possible. And this is because we’re the #1 marine contracting Pompano Beach dock service providers. Through our services, you’ll have the chance to select from a wide variety of products that can be used to repair your dock. Such products include:

  • Dock Cleats
    • If you own a boat and your current dock cleats aren’t in good condition, you’ll want them replaced as soon as possible. Cleats help to keep a boat docked. When they’ve sustained damage, they’re not in the best shape to keep your boat from floating off into the water.
  • Dock Fenders
    • Fenders will reduce the impact that can occur when one or more boats are docking on your dock.
  • Mooring Whips
    • Function and design are similar to a fishing pool. Mooring whips keep your boat docked without it actually touching the dock.
  • Piling Caps
    • Keep your piles safe from the elements with our pile caps
  • Pile Wrap
    • Pile wraps prevent rot and decay from occurring. So get yours replaced when your current ones are in bad condition.
  • Aluminum Dock Ladders
    • Rusty or corroded ladder? Get it replaced with our aluminum dock ladders.

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If you are ever in need of a quality marine contractor Pompano Beach service provider, look no further than PileDrivers Inc. of South Florida. Through our many years of operations, we’ve provided quality service to countless waterfront property owners. And through each service provided, we’ve ensured complete and total satisfaction. In fact, when you call to hire us, we feel certain you’ll be just as satisfied with our work as you’re added to our growing list of satisfied customers. Through our handiwork, we feel certain that you’ll truly benefit from the expertise of our marine contracting Pompano Beach services. For any inquiries, you may call us at 1(800)239-2560 or visit our contact page.

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