Waterfront property owners need to take erosion very seriously. Erosion is accelerating by the continuous-wave action and storms that affect our seawalls in North Miami Beach. Property owners may not have anticipated how fast erosion is occurring. Therefore, seawall repair responsibilities fall primarily on the shoulders of the property owners. Seawalls are often built from wood, steel or concrete as one continuous slab but can also be made of stone. Seawall repair options are all the same for most types of seawalls. Some recommend excavating behind the wall to repair and reinforce prior work. Others suggest replacing the weakened areas of the wall or with new construction. Not to mention, these repairs require significant excavating and the use of heavy equipment.

Typically, this is not in the best interest of those who are looking for cost-effective ways to have their seawalls repaired. In order to cut costs, utilizing wall anchors or helical tiebacks can help with saving time and money. Tiebacks are done from the water as a hole is drilled through the seawall. A helical tieback is then inserted in the hole and driven into the soil behind the seawall with a hydraulic drive head. The helical plates that are welded to the pier shaft allow the tiebacks to work like a screw. A pressure reader is then used to determine how firm the anchor is in the soil. Let the experts at Pile Drivers Inc repair your seawalls in North Miami Beach.


seawall repair north miamiOur seawalls provide an effective and inexpensive way to control shoreline retreat and erosion. Pile Drivers Inc has the knowledge and experience of seawall repair and construction in North Miami Beach necessary to assist you with all phases of your seawall project and erosion control. No matter the size of the job, let our experts handle your seawall construction needs in North Miami Beach. There are many ways to construct a seawall but there are three primary methods. The first method is a thin sheet that interlocks with piles that are driven deep into the ground. Similarly, the next method is utilizing individual piles but these support an above-ground structure. Lastly, is a massive gravity of concrete created and located in or around your seawall.

In conclusion, we provide services for residential waterfront properties, marinas, and commercial facilities. Pile Drivers Inc is prepared to meet all of your shoreline protection needs for seawall repair and construction in North Miami Beach. Here are some seawall options:


One of the more cost-effective methods of seawall construction and repair is vinyl sheet piling. Vinyl sheet piling has been the material of choice over the last 40 years in North Miami Beach. The exposure to seawater and the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays will not cause the vinyl to rust, rot, or crack. In addition, the vinyl material is also lightweight, easy to transport and install with a limited amount of heavy machinery. When compared to wood, vinyl will not warp or deform as wood does over time. The result is a permanent, high-quality seawall at a significantly lower cost than these alternatives.


Constructing and installing concrete seawalls to fit the requirements of different properties in North Miami Beach can be very tedious. The process starts with precasting concrete slabs on site. After curing, they are set into place with the help of high-pressure water pumps. Once the panels are set into place, a seawall cap is formed and set atop of the seawall. The use of deadmen and tiebacks are essential. When the seawall cap has set, we can then backfill the dirt behind the seawall. The usual construction of these seawalls lasts between 6-10 weeks depending on total footage. Additionally, a concrete seawall that has steel rebar to act as reinforcement can have a life expectancy of up to 50 years in an environment like North Miami Beach.


Steel seawalls are known to be the strongest of the bunch and require the least amount of maintenance. In fact, steel’s durability and resilience to the elements make it one of the most popular materials in the industry. This makes the high initial cost well-worth the investment. Steel seawalls are the easiest to install onto any material or surface. A “dead man” piling system is when you anchor your wall down and prevents it from pulling away from the shoreline. This is a combination of steel and concrete that acts as an underground weight. However, you can fill the surrounding area with stones as they do not absorb water compared to soil. In an environment with weather like the city of North Miami Beach, we recommend maintaining your steel seawall once every 5 years. If properly maintained, healthy steel seawalls should last a good 25 years.


Wood Seawalls are common in the waterfront properties in and around golf courses and other areas with lots of landscaping. They are aesthetically pleasing and can be installed in most freshwater locations. We will measure the height of the water and then drive down the pilings into the seafloor. Once we pour concrete into the center of the pilings we then cap it off with a stainless steel tie back rod. However, we recommend utilizing a concrete or vinyl wall which will help add durability in saltwater. Treating the pilings prior to use is highly recommended for saltwater submission. Replacing pilings and other parts as they wear will only help extend the life of your wood seawall. Harsh weather conditions along with tidal activity play a big part in the aging process of your wood seawall. Above all, a wood seawall will last for a very long time.


Riprap seawalls are the most popular type of seawall in the U.S. and are an effective form of erosion control. These consist of rocks, stone or other materials arranged along the wall. The boulders form a natural barrier and help protect shorelines, stream beds, bridge abutments, pilings and other shoreline structures against erosion. For instance, when compared to other seawalls, rip rap gives your seawall a more natural look. In addition, rip rap helps absorb the waves and energy they bring towards your seawalls. In other words, the rock and stone set at the bottom of your seawalls act as a barrier that helps keep the dirt in place and prevents erosion from occurring. Since rip rap is ecologically friendly, crabs, oysters, fish, and marine vegetation can use these new shorelines in North Miami Beach.

Some other options of rip rap seawalls:

  • Granite Rip Rap
  • Limestone Rip Rap
  • Stone Rip Rap
  • Rock Rip Rap
  • Concrete Rip Rap

Building a strong seawall is important and can provide protection to your waterfront property for a relatively low cost. We understand that price plays a big part in repairing and constructing seawalls for homeowners, however, protecting their properties from water intrusion is the goal. Let the experts at Pile Drivers Inc go over all the details of exactly how we will construct or repair your seawalls in North Miami Beach.

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