How Do Seawalls Work? A seawall being constructed in a Florida canal

How Do Seawalls Work?

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Seawalls are a very important component of waterfront properties and you’ll see them almost everywhere in Florida. They help to ensure that the structural foundation of waterfront properties don’t degrade. But have you ever wondered how that’s so? It seems like a straightforward answer; they simply absorb the force of waves that collide with your property. But as it turns out, they actually serve a few other purposes as well. And if you wish to learn more, continue reading below. Once you know about the importance of seawalls, make sure to get yours installed by PileDrivers Inc. today!

What Are Seawalls?

Seawalls, ultimately, serve as a form of defense against the forces of tides. They help to minimize the eroding impact of ocean waves and reduce their energy in order to protect land and inhabitants. They redirect waves back to the sea, curbing potential damage and erosion over time. Depending on the type of seawall that’s built, they can often last for at least 30 years.

There are two types of seawalls: vertical and riprap. Each one fulfills their purpose in different ways, but one option is likely more suitable over the other depending on the environment.

How Do Seawalls Work?

Seawalls work by reflecting wave energy that strikes the wall back into the sea. As a result of this reflection, the reduced energy afflicted lowers the acceleration of erosion. But apart from reducing erosion, seawalls often fulfill a few other purposes as well. The most notable of them, however, is disallowing flooding on waterfront properties.

Why You Should Get a Seawall

As mentioned above, seawalls reduce the impact of energy caused by waves, minimizing erosion and accompanying damage. Without a seawall, waves can slowly tear apart the landscape in which your waterfront property resides on. And other than torn away landscapes, flooding can also occur, severely damaging the structural foundation of your property’s facets.

If you live right next to a canal or a large body of water that can dispense powerful tidal waves, then you’ll very likely need a seawall installed. And this isn’t just because you’ll need to protect your property’s structures, but because you’ll also need to protect its occupants. seawalls provide a very sturdy defense against powerful waves, especially when severe storms occur.

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