How To Perform Proper Dock Maintenance

How To Perform Dock Maintenance & What To Do When A Repair Is Needed

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You probably don’t need to be reminded of how important it is to maintain your dock and prevent it from being damaged. But what you may not know is what is required to be inspected when owning a dock and what to do when imminent or immediate damage occurs. 

If you live by the water and own a dock, then it’s imperative that you are able to keep it maintained. Proper maintenance keeps the dock free from any major repair it may require down the line. A dock may look simple – pieces of wood and metal combined to create a walkway and a station for your boat to reside. But there are many pieces – both simple and intricate – used to create a stable dock. And lack of attention to these areas will likely result in dire consequences.

How to Perform Proper Dock Maintenance

If you own a dock, it’s advised that you take pictures of it often. And not just pictures of what can be seen when walking on it but also pictures of the underbelly if manageable. Taking pictures of your dock periodically will reveal minor changes/damages in its appearance that are otherwise not always noticeable. Make sure to especially take pictures of areas that are highly susceptible to Florida heat and water. This may include fasteners that bathe in the sun a lot or bolts that are constantly in contact with the water. If you notice any damages or changes, don’t just perform a minor repair. “Minor” maintenance will only lead to “Major,” and sometimes more costly, repairs later.

Know All the Components that Make up your Dock

Make sure that you are also aware of all specs of your dock. Each dock is unique in design and structure and different ones will require different levels of maintenance, and repair. For example, some docks may have underwater support. Clearly, if your dock has this, then you cannot inspect this feature. You must bring in a licensed professional who has faced ocean waves on many occasions to inspect these types of structures for damage and advise on what proper actions are needed.

Call Pile Drivers Inc. For Your Dock Maintenance Needs!

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