Hillsboro Beach Marine Contractors


When searching for marine contractors in Hillsboro Beach, you want to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Not to worry, PileDrivers Inc is here for all of your marine contracting needs in Hillsboro Beach. Our marine contractor’s services and high-quality work that we offer is unmatched by any other company in the industry. No matter what your issues are regarding your dock, seawall or boat lift, PileDrivers Inc has you covered! Homeownership of waterfront property shouldn’t be a hassle. The reliable folks here at PileDrivers Inc take the hassle and worry out of owning a home on waterfront property in Hillsboro Beach. PileDriversInc marine contractors in Hillsboro Beach are here to provide the high-quality service you can expect at affordable prices.


Being a homeowner of waterfront property and dealing with coastal erosion in Hillsboro Beach is definitely frustrating. PileDrivers Inc is dedicated to keeping your home safe from erosion rising water levels that could cause your seawall to fail. If a seawall failure occurs and water happens to seep into the foundation of your home, there’s a good chance of facing water damage. Water damage usually leads to mold. When you combine the effects of water damage and mold growth, the damage can be extremely costly to repair. Seawall repair in Hillsboro Beach is very important when it comes to keeping the structural integrity of your waterfront property. PileDrivers Inc performs new seawall construction for new build waterfront properties in Hillsboro Beach. This is to ensure we help protect against any water intrusion. Above all, PileDrivers, Inc is your best source for seawall repair and construction in Hillsboro Beach.


Most boat owners in the Hillsboro Beach area own a waterfront property that includes a dock. For those that do not, PileDrivers Inc specializes in dock construction for your Hillsboro Beach waterfront property. Owning a personal dock helps avoid high rent costs associated with dock renting from other homeowners or businesses. New dock construction and repair in Hillsboro Beach will improve property value and help compliment your waterfront property. If other boat owners are looking for a highly reliable company to repair their pre-existing dock or construct a new one, look no further than PileDrivers Inc in Hillsboro Beach. However old your dock appears to be, PileDrivers Inc will make it look brand new. Let the seasoned and highly trained experts at PileDrivers Inc in Hillsboro Beach handle all your dock construction and repair services.


When it comes to boat lift installation and dock services, PileDrivers Inc is your number one choice for your Hillsboro Beach waterfront property. Installation of a boat lift by PileDrivers Inc is performed with the highest quality materials. Other boat lift installation companies fail to include a maintenance plan. Not to worry, we ensure your new Hillsboro Beach boat lift comes with a full maintenance plan that includes full inspections, greasing, tightening drive belts and pulleys, and re-wrapping cables. Even if your boat lift was not installed by PileDrivers Inc, rest assured we will still service it! Above all, you can trust in PileDrivers Inc as your number one choice for boat lift installation and services in Hillsboro Beach.


Decks in South Florida are susceptible to a wide assortment of problems. And regardless if your deck has been afflicted with horrible damage or it only has a few small cracks, our expert assistance can be provided to you. With our marine construction Hillsboro Beach services, we can help to restore your deck.

Numerous issues can take place eventually on a deck, including:

  • Handrails becoming loose
  • Support posts getting old
  • Boards getting weathered
  • And much more

South Florida rain is often unforgiving as it can cause wear-and-tear damage on your deck over time. After enough rain, your deck will begin to look horribly weathered. And when this problem arises, it will keep developing into a bigger issue. Not only will broken sections of your deck begin to look unappealing, but they will also carry the potential for becoming very dangerous and even life-threatening in many situations.

When the issue occurs, call us right away for our Hillsboro Beach deck repair. You can trust that our marine contractor Hillsboro Beach services will help tremendously in restoring your deck to its pristine condition.


When aged enough, just about any product can become degraded severely, resulting in an immediate replacement as soon as possible. And when it comes to the separate parts that make up your dock, this principle most definitely applies.

In due time, corrosion, rusting, and overall heavy damage will surely be afflicted onto certain parts of your dock thanks to degradation. But once you notice these issues, don’t wait at all – pick up the phone and call right away about our stock of dock products so that we can repair your dock immediately. By calling us, the premier marine contractor Hillsboro Beach service provider, you will gain the opportunity to select from a wide variety of quality products so that it can be used to repair your dock as soon as possible. Such products include:

  • Dock Cleats
    • If you own a boat and your current dock cleats aren’t in good condition, you’ll want them replaced as soon as possible. Cleats help to keep a boat docked. When they’ve sustained damage, they’re not in the best shape to keep your boat from floating off into the water.
  • Dock Fenders
    • Fenders will reduce the impact that can occur when one or more boats are docking on your dock.
  • Mooring Whips
    • Function and design are similar to a fishing pool. Mooring whips keep your boat docked without it actually touching the dock.
  • Piling Caps
    • Keep your piles safe from the elements with our pile caps
  • Pile Wrap
    • Pile wraps prevent rot and decay from occurring. So get yours replaced when your current ones are in bad condition.
  • Aluminum Dock Ladders
    • Rusty or corroded ladder? Get it replaced with our aluminum dock ladders.


If you are ever in need of a quality marine contractor Hillsboro Beach service provider, look no further than PileDrivers Inc. of South Florida. Through our many years of operations, we’ve provided quality service to countless waterfront property owners. And through each service provided, we’ve ensured complete and total satisfaction. In fact, when you call to hire us, we feel certain you’ll be just as satisfied with our work as you’re added to our growing list of satisfied customers. Through our handiwork, we feel certain that you’ll truly benefit from the expertise of our marine contracting Hillsboro Beach services. For any inquiries, you may call us at 1(800)239-2560 or visit our contact page.