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In today’s world, rising water levels and erosion need to be taken seriously. Due to consistent wave and tidal action and storm surges that affect seawalls in Hallandale Beach, erosion is always accelerated and consistent. And homeowners are underestimating how fast the water levels are rising. Which is is why having a company like Pile Drivers Inc. to perform seawall repair is imperative. They’ll take the necessary steps to ensure that you’re up to date with your seawall repair.

When it comes to repairing your Hallandale Beach seawall, you can count on Pile Drivers Inc to provide wood, stone, steel, or continuous slabs of concrete. Some will recommend excavating behind the wall to repair and reinforce prior work. Others suggest replacing the weak areas of the wall or suggest new construction. But typically, these repairs are not in the best interest of those who are looking for cost-effective ways to have their seawalls. This is why you should let the experts at Pile Drivers Inc repair your seawalls in Hallandale Beach.

Seawall Construction Hallandale Beach

Pile Drivers Inc’s seawalls provide an inexpensive and effective way to control shoreline erosion. Our business has the experience and deep understanding of seawall repair to assist you in all phases of the process. Regardless of size, our team can handle your construction needs in Hallandale Beach. The three main ways to construct a seawall are the following methods. The first method is a thin sheet that interlocks with piles that are driven deep into the ground. Similarly, the next method is utilizing individual piles but these support an above-ground structure. Lastly, is a massive gravity of concrete created and located in or around your seawall.

In conclusion, we provide services for residential, commercial facilities, waterfront properties, and marinas. Pile Drivers Inc is prepared to meet all of your shoreline protection needs for seawall repair and construction in Hallandale Beach. Here are some seawall options:

Vinyl Seawalls

As one of the most affordable and cost-effective methods, vinyl sheet piling has become very popular in seawall construction and repair. It’s so popular, in fact, that it’s become the material of choice in Hallandale Beach due to its resistance to seawater and harsh ultraviolet rays. In addition, the vinyl material is also lightweight, easy to transport and install with a limited amount of heavy machinery. Compared to wood, vinyl will not warp or deform over time. The result is a permanent and high-quality seawall at a significantly lower cost than these alternatives.

Concrete Seawalls

Of different Hallandale Beach properties, concrete seawalls are installed for different purposes. For our installation process, we begin by precasting concrete slabs on site. Once cured, they’re lifted into place with the help of high-pressure water pumps. They then have a seawall cap formed and set atop of the seawall once set the back of the seawall is backfilled with dirt. The usual construction of these seawalls lasts between 6-10 weeks depending on total footage. Therefore, a concrete seawall that is properly reinforced with steel can have a life expectancy of up to 50 years in an environment like Hallandale Beach.

Steel Seawalls

Steel seawalls are ideal for those who wish to perform minimal maintenance. In fact, because of steel’s durability and resilience, these seawalls are often chosen the most in the industry. This makes the high initial cost well-worth the investment. With a “dead man” piling system, the seawall is anchored and can’t be pulled away from the shoreline due to the combination of steel and concrete used as underwater weight. In an environment with weather like the city of Hallandale Beach, we recommend maintaining your steel seawall once every 5 years. If properly maintained, healthy steel seawalls should last a good 25 years.

Wood Seawall

Wood seawalls are most common in waterfront properties such as golf courses and other areas with lots of landscaping. They’re aesthetically pleasing and can be installed in most freshwater locations. When installed pilings are first measured to the height of the water and then driven down into the seafloor, where concrete will be poured into the center of them. But in salt water, it’s recommended that you have a concrete or vinyl seawall installed instead.

Rip Rap Seawall

These seawalls are the most popular type of seawall in the U.S. and are an effective form of erosion control. Rip rap seawalls consist of rocks, stones, or other materials arranged along a wall to form a natural barrier that shields shorelines, bridge abutments, and more. These seawalls are most effective in absorbing waves head towards the shore or other structures.

Some other types of rip rap seawalls are:

  • Stone Rip Rap
  • Rock Rip Rap
  • Granite Rip Rap
  • Limestone Rip Rap
  • Concrete Rip Rap

Properly constructed seawalls can provide protection to your waterfront property for a relatively low cost. We know price plays a big part in constructing and repairing seawalls for homeowners who are protecting their properties from water intrusion. Let the experts at Pile Drivers Inc go over all the details of exactly how we will construct or repair your seawalls in Hallandale Beach.

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