The Function & Purpose of Mooring Whips

The Function & Purpose of Mooring Whips

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It’s a dock accessory that many boating enthusiasts around the world use. And if you don’t like how your boat keeps bumping into your dock, then it’s an accessory that you should install on your dock as well. With a mooring whip installed on your dock by PileDrivers, you’ll be able to reduce the damage that’s afflicted on your vessel significantly. And if you’re curious how that’s so, then continue reading below to learn about the purpose and function of mooring whips. You’ll be surprised to know that they can benefit your boat’s condition tremendously.

What Are Mooring Whips?

Mooring whips are flexible poles that are designed to function similarly to fishing poles. They’re used to hold a boat off a dock at a safe distance in order to prevent damage to its hull and your dock. Besides their given name, they’re also commonly known as boat or dock whips and they were also originally created to counter the effects of harsh waves and tides. Through the use of tension, the whips are able to keep the boat stationary and away from the dock. Moreover, their flexibility allows boat movement to take place in order to avoid tidal damages. Their application is used greatly by small boat owners.

How Do They Work?

When PileDrivers comes to your property to install your new mooring whips, they’ll be mechanically fastened to one end of the dock while the other is connected to the boat through one of its cleats. When you tie your whip to the boat cleat, the pole will bend and help to keep your boat and dock separated. Most dock whips are used with bumpers, fenders, and other means to ensure the safety of your boat.

Do I Need Mooring Whips?

That kind of depends on your location. In many spots, boats are susceptible to a wide variety of damage. Most of it caused by collisions with your dock or by tidal waves. And if you’re in a location where tidal waves are common, or you simply wish to stop the collisions between your dock and your boat, then mooring whips are an optimal choice. When mooring whips are installed on your dock, your small vessel will be able to live longer.

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