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Boat Dock Accessories: Dock Cleats.
Boat Dock Accessories: Dock Cleats.

Dock Cleats

Made from high quality cast aluminum- Alloy 356- the corrosion resistant cleats can be mounted vertically or horizontal with 1/2″ bolts. The large “footprint” provides maximum holding strength. Powder coating is available. 

Line Supports

Our line supports are designed with routered edges which provide a smooth finish without chafing the lines. They install easily onto the pilings using galvanized spike nails. Made from preasure treated wood.

Dock Fenders 

These dock fenders are designed to provide a protective barrier between hard surfaces such as docks, seawalls, pilings, and the hulls of boats and yachts. They are available in standard lengths of 6', 8', 10', and 12'.

Boat Dock Accessories: Line Supports.
Boat Dock Accessories: Dock Fenders.
Boat Dock Accessories: Mooring Whips.


We offer a complete line of mooring whips for everything from dinghies to 66' boats.

piling caps

Our piling caps our made from UV - stabalized polyethylene which is designed to weather the harsh marine elements. They enhance the look of your dock while helping to protect your wooden pilings from rot.

Boat Dock Accessories: Piling Caps.
Boat Dock Accessories: Pile Wrap.

pile wrap

Installing pile wrap on your dock pilings will help protect them from marine borers. Made from high density polyethylene black material with a high UV rating

Dock Products & Accessories

No project would be complete without good quality dock accessories. We supply a wide range of fine dock products including rubrail, dock fenders, dock cleats, dock ladders, piling caps, line supports, and mooring whips.

aluminum dock ladders

Our sturdy aluminum ladders are made from 6063 marine grade aluminum and are tig welded for maximum strength. These ladders are ideal for fresh and salt water applications and can be used on docks, seawalls and floating docks..

Boat Dock Accessories: Aluminum Dock Ladders.