Davie Dock Construction & Repair

Dock Repair & Construction Davie

We here at PileDrivers Inc. offer Davie residents our full dock repair and construction services. Regardless if you already have a dock that’s composed of composite or wood materials, we can provide you our expert help anytime. And due to our many years of gained experience, we’re able to recognize issues with each and every different sort of wood docks that can occur and can be resolved. Problems such as floating dock materials or various other pieces dropping into the water need to be assessed and fixed by an expert. Trust us when we say that there is no better time to call us when these issues occur. We’re the top industry professionals when it comes to Davie dock repair and construction. You can trust us to get the job done right.

Once you decided to choose us, we can restore your dock’s performance and looks. Our company provides products of different sorts that aim to enhance the beauty of your dock. Such products we offer include dock cleats, line supports, dock fenders, mooring whips, piling caps, dock ladders, and pile wraps. Dock construction and repair will always be required in Davie and we’re here to provide our assistance. Trust PileDrivers, Inc to be your number one choice for Davie dock repair and construction.

Deck Repair Davie

No matter if your deck has sustained severe damage or it’s only received a few cracks in some places, PileDrivers can provide their assistance. Many issues often occur eventually, and this can include handrails becoming loose, support posts getting old, and many other factors. When it rains in Florida, your deck will receive terrible wear-and-tear damage, leaving it looking utterly weathered. And without the needed maintenance and deck repair, these issues can become problematic. With sections of a dock becoming broken, they don’t only become unappealing. They also become dangerous and even life-threatening in some instances. When these problems occur, call PileDrivers Inc. for your Davie deck repair.

Dock Construction Davie

Our most popular service, as you can probably tell from our name, is pile driving. And it’s what we always use to help construct the dock of your dreams.

PileDrivers Inc.’s pile driving procedures were constructed in order to adapt to just about any unique site conditions and restrictions. And due to this, they’re often utilized a lot for many near-shore applications. This is because marine pile driving doesn’t only require any sort of special casings and there is no moment of delay when it comes to the curing of concrete. Our dock construction services can assist you when you need it most at any given moment. We will perform our dock piling services flawlessly and efficiently with the added help of a top-notch pile driver. For piers and docks, pile driving can be quickly incorporated into a bent structure allowing the bridge or pier itself to be used as the work platform for succeeding piles in top-down construction.

Dock Repair Products

Aging can degrade any product tremendously resulting in a new replacement. And this principle applies most definitely to your dock. Your dock can degrade in certain areas over time, resulting in corrosion, rusting, or even becoming heavily damaged. And when that happens, feel free to inquire about our inventory of dock products so that your dock can be repaired.

Dock Cleats

By ordering our quality dock cleats, you’ll be ordering dock cleats constructed with the absolute highest grade of cast aluminum – Alloy 356. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically with 1/2″ bolts. More so, with there large “footprint”, they are ideal for those who seek powerful holding strength. Powder coating is available with this product.

Dock Fenders

Dock owners will require dock fenders if they happen to own one or more boats. Fenders are often needed most for those who need to replace current fenders that are severely damaged. You’ll mostly see fenders on most docks as their main purpose is to absorb the impact of approaching vessels that are about to park on your dock. Ultimately, fenders are made to prevent both your boat and your dock from impact damage.

Line Support

Dock lines are susceptible to changing issues to constant use. And with our line support, you’ll be able to minimize the wear-and-tear. Our line supports will help you secure lines at any location in the marina to protect both your boats and dock.

Mooring Whips

The design of mooring whips were constructed for the purpose to act in a fashion that’s similar to fishing poles. And they can even be installed or mounted on your docks. They connect to boats via nylon lines and they can even be adjusted. If you own mooring whips now that have suffered from countless years of use, get them replaced with PileDrivers Inc.’s mooring whips.

Piling Caps

Numerous dock owners don’t consider it, but the tops of their piles are just as susceptible to damage as the bottoms of them. And this is often due to the fact that outside factors can cause damage to your pile’s tops. For instance, bird droppings, which are acidic, can land on your piles’ tops, gradually degrading them. And over time, they’ll eventually crack and split into two, weakening your dock’s structure. But with piling caps, they can prevent that. Piling caps provide protection against bird droppings and ensure that your piles’ structures are sound.

Pile Wrap

Pile Wraps often help tremendously by providing protection against decay and rot, UV rays, and even marine organisms. Generally, they prolong the longevity of your piles. And no matter if your piles are brand new or damaged, our pile wraps can be installed at any time. They should be professionally installed by a highly regarded dock contractor, such as PileDrivers.

Aluminum Dock Ladders

When you choose us, don’t hesitate to ask about our aluminum dock ladders. Getting a replacement is very necessary in the case that your current dock ladder is no longer in good condition or has finally succumbed to significant damage. And thanks to our models’ aluminum structures, these dock ladders are immune to rusting and can last for a long time.

Davie Dock Repair & Construction

If you find that your dock has suffered from wear-and-tear, impact damage, or anything else that has caused its structure to falter or collapse, then call PileDrivers for our dock repair service. For many years, PileDrivers has served countless South Florida citizens in the Broward, Palm Beach, and Dade County areas. We’ve been regarded as one of the most trusted dock contractors to work in the Sunshine State, and we’re confident that when you hire us, you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers. For any inquiries, you may reach us through our phone number: 1-800-239-2560. Or you may visit our contact page.