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Choosing the Right Dock Cleats

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It May seem trivial, but choosing the right dock cleats is absolutely critical when your dock is being constructed. Especially if you own or are intending to buy a boat. They’re what helps keep your boat stationary without drifting away. Not only that but they also keep guest boats still when visitors come over to your home. And if you’re deciding on the right dock cleats and you living in South Florida, there’s no better place to receive them than from Pile Drivers. Pile Drivers are the go-to experts in dock construction and can supply you with the best products to equip your dock. Continue reading below and see why Pile Drivers dock cleats are superior in comparison to others.

Pile Driver’s Dock Cleats

Pile Driver’s dock cleats are manufactured with a high-quality cast aluminum alloy that’s corrosion-resistant. These cleats can be mounted horizontally or vertically 1/2″ bolts and their large “footprint” provides maximum holding strength. With Pile Driver’s professional service. You even have the option to have it powder coated. As an added bonus, Pile Drivers also sell their cleats for a very affordable rate, meaning you can purchase as many as you want.

We’re confident that Pile Driver’s cleats will provide the strength and stability needed to keep your boat from drifting away.

Other Types of Dock Cleats

There are many other cleats on the market that you can purchase. But their cons outweigh their pros and don’t equal anywhere near as close in value to Pile Driver’s products.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel cleats provide a lot of strength for boats, ensuring that even the biggest boats can stay stationary. But they’re very pricey and in the end, they’re not at all worth it. Rust-resistance and corrosion-resistance are two different traits and while stainless steel doesn’t rust, it can corrode. Aluminum is both rust and corrosion resistant and is more long-lasting.


Nylon dock cleats are a cheap option for boating and dock enthusiasts. But be warned: paying for something that is low price indicates that you’re also paying for something that will provide lackluster results. These sort of cleats aren’t as strong as metal ones and will surely break after enough wear-and-tear is applied to them.


Another cheap option for dock owners, but much like Nylon, they’re not as strong as nylon and can get broken after enough wear-and-tear. These types of dock cleats may actually break down faster than Nylon.

Hire Pile Drivers Today For Your Quality Dock Cleats

Pile Drivers has served South Florida citizens for many years and can provide any patron with the proper dock cleats to accessorize their docks. Other than cleats, Pile Drivers also offers customers a wide range of products and services related to docks and we’re confident that when you hire us, your dock will look the best it will ever be. For any inquiries, you may call us at 1(800)239-2560 or visit our contact page.

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