The Benefits of Seawalls

The Benefits of Seawalls

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If you happen to live in a property situated on the Intracoastal or right by the oceanfront, then you likely have seen numerous seawalls. Your property may even have a seawall itself and you walk or relax on it nearly every day. It certainly provides you with quite a few benefits, but if you’re unaware of what they are, then continue reading below. Your seawall serves a great purpose than what you’re aware of.

The Benefits of Seawalls

Seawalls provided many benefits. The most prominent of these, however, include:


Erosion can destroy a property tremendously without the needed protection. So if you ever find yourself living in a waterfront property and you need help protecting it, don’t hesitate at all in contacting PileDrivers Inc. for their seawall installation services.

When waves crash against your property with a seawall, the energy of the wave will be redirected back to the water. As a result, this will greatly reduce the erosion of the shoreline as well as prevent your property from flooding.

Prevent Flooding

With the addition of a newly-built seawall, your property will be well-protected against surge flooding. And thanks to this, property occupants will be able to safely enjoy activities such as sunbathing, sightseeing, or just simply relaxing without the worry of water-levels rapidly rising. Plus, as an added bonus, this protection in return prevents damage done to the environment. Flooding can wash away soil and reduce your usable shoreline. Also, flooding disrupts local ecosystems and harms wildlife.


One of the best things about seawalls is that they are long-lasting. And depending on which seawall you purchase, it may last for a lifetime (such as Rip Rap seawalls). So when you’re considering making a worthwhile investment for your waterfront property, feel free to contact PileDrivers Inc. for their seawall installation services.

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