The Benefits of Piling Caps

The Benefits of Piling Caps

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If you or someone you know owns a dock, then you’ve likely seen these before placed on the top of a dock pile. But what are they and what purpose do they serve? They’re called piling caps, and as it turns out, they actually have many benefits. If you don’t already know, piling caps contribute tremendously to the maintenance of your dock. Continue reading below to see what benefits they provide and why you should install them on your dock if you don’t have any already.

They Reinforce Dock Piles

The tops of dock piles, especially wooden ones, can degrade and crack, leading to costly future repairs. Once applied, piling caps benefit the structural maintenance of your dock. They prevent the top of your dock piles from continuing to crack and splinter. As an added bonus, the adhesive used to install the caps will melt and fill in any cracks, further enhancing your dock’s structure.

Prevents Birds From Perching

One of the biggest factors that contribute to a pile’s destruction is bird droppings. Bird droppings are acidic, and they can cause piles to degrade, crack, splinter (if wooden), and overall, cause your dock to falter. Another great benefit of piling caps is that they prevent birds from perching on your piles. Pile Driver’s caps are smooth and cone-shaped, which disallows any bird from resting on them.

Impact Resistance

Besides providing the relief of performing strenuous maintenance on your dock, piling caps also give excellent impact resistance. If, for instance, your dock pile is struck by the sharp edge of a strong object, while wearing a cap, it will not break.

Contact Pile Drivers & Get Your Piling Caps Installed Today

If you’re convinced that your dock’s strength will be reinforced by piling caps, get yours installed by Pile Drivers. Pile Drivers offers customers a simple and efficient way when it comes to Dock construction, installation, and repair. If interested, call us at (800)-239-2560 or contact us online!

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